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Internship Project at FlytBase, 2018, Individual

The aim was to design the FlytSecurity platform from scratch for users who wanted to conduct remote and automated security and surveillance on their properties.

FlytBase is a company that provides software solutions to automate and scale drone operations. It is the world’s first Internet of Drones Platform (IoD), which allows deployment of drones using cloud based applications.


I first mapped out all the functions and features to understand the user actions and user flow.

Asset 5-100.jpg

I then created two iterations of wireframes with increasing details and fidelity.

The initial stage included the primary features of the platform and its higher level structure.

Asset 7-100.jpg

In the next stage, further details were added with some micro-interactions.

Asset 8347-100.jpg

Finally, I designed the UI and the final detailed prototype with two versions - one for the business team to pitch it and the other for the development team with all details.

01_ Front-v1_1.5x.jpg

Since the project was done for the company, non-disclosure prevents me from adding more images of the final prototype.

Feel free to get in touch for more information about the project.

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