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IBM Quantum Jam & Parsons School of Design, 2021, Team of 3

Creative Use of Quantum Technology in Visual Arts in the first Quantum Design Jam!

This project was conducted in collaboration with Khuplunmang Kipgen, Ishraq Ashtarian and Firas Zedan.

Using fashion as our medium, we explored how quantum computing would affect the post humanist future.


As the relationship between human and technology evolves, humans will be recognised using data rather than biological attributes. The idea was to transmit secure data generated by facial recognition using quantum cryptography without fear of eavesdropping. We aimed to visualize this information and physically manifest it through textile development to create one of a kind garments that reflect the biometric data of the wearer.


My primary contribution was towards initial ideation, generating the final pattern to be printed on the fabric, and helping create the content and video.

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